Sign up for the Silent Leadership Challenge 2017 and show you mean business when it comes to improving the quality of life for the one in six New Zealanders who have some type of hearing loss.

On Friday 4 August you can tackle four ten minute communication challenges, at work and at home, wearing hearing protectors to simulate deafness. You’ll experience for yourself the challenges faced every day by those who have a hearing loss.  You’ll also:

• Raise funds for the vital work of The National Foundation for the Deaf
• Challenge workplace and community attitudes to hearing loss.

We’ll give you everything you need to participate. You can enter as an individual or you can enter a team, and start fundraising now. To enter, click on the Register Now button. Its takes three minutes!

The National Foundation for the Deaf

Hearing loss is an invisible disability affecting 880,350 New Zealanders, or one in six of us. It’s predicted that by 2050, it will affect one in four.

Silent Leadership Challenge 2017 takes place on Friday 4 August. On that day, corporate and community leaders and teams will be tackling four communication challenges while wearing hearing protectors to simulate deafness.

Funds raised will help sustain The National Foundation for the Deaf’s vital advocacy, prevention and support work.

Thank you to MSA The Safety Company for donating the hearing protectors.
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